Wheel Chair Project

Wheelchair Project runs from May 13th-20th. Let's help earn money to purchase wheelchairs for those in need! Each wheelchair costs $150.
Wheelchair Facts
Of the people that have a physical disability, how many have access to a wheelchair?
  • In developed countries more than 95% of people who require a wheelchair have access to one.
  • In developing countries less than 10% of people who require a wheelchair have access to one.
Fundraising Ideas
Get Your Community Involved!! 

There are lots of fun things that students can do to earn money for wheelchairs. We love to hear what your school is doing. Here are some ideas:
  • Kids can do extra chores at home
  • Neighborhood bake sale
  • Lemonade stand
  • Special cards or goodies for Valentine's Day and sell them to the public
  • Take dogs for a walk
  • Cookie sales outside your library
  • Sell flowers or balloons for special occasions and deliver them.
  • Hold a raffle from local business donations